The Work it Up Job Training Scholarship Program is funded by the City of Columbia. This program is designed to provide short-term job training for residents residing in the incorporated area city limits of Columbia. The job training initiative will expand work opportunities for residents and provide employers with highly trained employees needed for continued growth in occupational areas such as Health Care, Manufacturing, Call Center Professional, Customer Care Specialist, and CDL.

Under this program, qualified applicants will receive scholarships to attend Midlands Technical College’s QuickJobs Courses. Additionally, WorkKeys Assessments and SoftSkills training for job readiness will be provided through Richland School District One’s Adult Education Program.
Key Components of Program
  1. Applicants must reside in the incorporated area city limits of Columbia.
  2. Applicants must be unemployed or underemployed with total earnings at 80% or below the HUD designated AMI.
  3. Applicants must agree to Criminal Background check and receive negative results from drug test.
  4. Soft Skills training will be available and QuickJobs course selections cannot exceed 12 months.
  5. Midlands Technical College will assist with identifying employers with current job vacancies in designated or similarly related course selected training areas.
  6. Applicants must meet workforce job readiness.
  7. MTC’s QuickJobs courses will be held at the Beltline, Northeast and/or Airport campuses, unless otherwise stipulated.
  8. Scholarship recipients must attend all classes and are responsible for all classwork, lectures, and assignments. Failure to adhere to the attendance policy will result in dismissal from program. Exceptions for absences may be made under extenuating circumstances but is at the discretion of MTC or Adult Ed. Instructors.
  9. Academic dishonesty in all its forms, including but not limited to cheating, plagiarism, and collusion will not be tolerated.
Scholarships may not exceed $4,000.00. Other assistance may be considered for childcare, transportation and criminal record expungement on a case-by-case basis.
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This program adheres to and complies with the Drug Free Workplace Act. All applicants selected to participate will be accepted into the program contingent upon successful completion of all pre-screening processes such as, but not limited to the following: Drug/Alcohol Screening Test and SLED/NCIC Background Check. Failure to successfully complete this process may be cause for TN Development Corporation and Eau Claire Development Corporation to withdraw your application.
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