Restructuring Rates to Meet the City's Water and Sewer Needs

Restructuring Rates to Meet the City's Water and Sewer Needs

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Restructuring Rates: Information for Residents
About the Rate Restructure


Restructuring Rates: Billing Information and Questions
Billing Information & Questions


Control Your Bill by Conserving Water
Conserve to Save: Leaky Plumbing

Infrastructure Projects
Infrastructure Projects

When City of Columbia water and sewer customers turn on the tap or flush a commode, they generally don't worry about how award-winning, clean and fresh drinking water gets to their house from our Columbia Canal and Lake Murray Water Works Plants or how their wastewater is brought back to the Metro Wastewater Treatment Plant to be safely treated. The City works hard to provide its drinking water customers with ample, high-quality drinking water and its sewer customers with efficient, reliable wastewater treatment service. We think about how your drinking water gets to you and how your wastewater is handled and treated so you don't have to!

The City maintains two drinking water plants that provide an average of 65 million gallons of water per day to local residents and businesses and over 2,400 miles of water main to reach over 138,000 water customers, or an estimated 550,000 people. It also owns and operates a wastewater plant that is rated to treat 60 million gallons per day. The City also maintains over 1,200 miles of sewer main that services over 70,000 sewer customers, or an estimated 280,000 people.

Like many areas across the nation, though, the City is facing a serious challenge in maintaining current service and in growing to meet our future needs. Our infrastructure is aging. In order to protect current service levels, we need to rehabilitate or replace significant portions of our drinking water and sewer systems. In order to allow the City to grow and bring new businesses – and jobs – to the area, we need to expand our service capacity.

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